A Playful Eye for the JEE Guy

Here’s a link for a presentation I gave at the IQSS (an awesome place I’m lucky to be part of). It’s yet another “intro to Play” talk, geared towards people with background in JEE.

There’s a twist, though – the presentation is done in Play.

It’s available at github, and there’s also a PDF transcript available at the IQSS site, in case you don’t want to install the software needed for it to run.

As always, big thanks to IQSS’ data science team for making this possible.

Invitation to Scala

Here is the material for the talk I gave at the Harvard IQSS’s “Tech talk” lecture series. This is a gentle introduction to the Scala language and to functional programming. As this lecture had quite a few demonstrations, you need to follow the lecture notes and try the commands shown there on a scala REPL in order to get the most of it.

Very big “Thank You” for all the IQSS staff that attended – it was great fun*!


SlideShare featured award
SlideShare’s featured award

This presentation just got featured by SlideShare’s editorial team. Thanks, guys!



* well, for me, at least.